Thursday, July 19, 2012

'Magic of OZ' babies


Dr. Heather Herrington, daughter of Tim and the late Katiesue Herrington of Dublin, GA, registered this beautiful daylily in 1995.  Here are its stats:
height 37", bloom 7", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Spider Ratio 4.00:1,  Yellow pink blend with rose pink eyezone above intense green throat. (Green Widow × (sdlg × (Wind Frills × Rainbow Spangles)))

I have enjoyed seeing Magic of Oz blooming in our garden for several years and have cross pollinated it with several other daylily cultivars....with some very pleasing results!

The following photos show some of my Magic of Oz babies:

 (Fancy Face x Magic of Oz) 2012 maiden bloom - very large bloom

Magic of Oz x Unknown

Magic of Oz x Unknown

Magic of Oz x unknown ....possibly Cat Dancer

Magic of Oz x the green!

Magic of Oz  x  unknown....possibly my favorite!

(Magic of Oz x Malachite Prism)

2012  maiden bloom year

blooms approx. 3.25-3.50" 37" tall, very erect, graceful scapes
POD fertile...hope this one will contribute to my goal of bright small/mini spider/uf forms. Maiden bloom June 4, 2012, emo, cmo

Close up view of above....out of focus, but, the color and form show up.

(Magic of Oz x Skinwalker #1)
This is a great plant and hopefully, next year I will see offspring from it and crosses with Jen Melon and Gossard's Heavenly White Lightening.....5 month old seedlings are very sturdy in our garden.

same as above....showing more recurve.

Sibling to seedling the rose coloring!

Magic of Oz x unknown

Magic of Oz x Skinwalker #1...this season...just better and better.
Magic of Oz x Skinwalker#2 2012 season

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