Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 Daylily Registrations

(Hassler 2015)
(Volcanic Eruption x Curious George)
tet, sev, emo, m, 3 branches, 12 buds, 40" 10"
Bright orange with lighter eyezone and slightly ruffled matching edge. 
The Hayden to whom this 'Hundley' belongs is Alexander Hayden Campbell, our #4 grandson.  He loved Curious George as a wee fella, so I bought the plant 'Curious George' (Peat) for him.  He and I did a cross with it and he wanted to name an offspring 'Hundley' after Curious George's dog friend.

(Hassler 2015)
(Mister Lucky x Cherokee Pass)
tet, sev, em, 36" 4.75", 3-4 branches, 16 buds, pod fertile. Reblooms.
Light bright orange with red-orange band and matching distinctive veining, which becomes more pronounced as the day progresses.

Our #5 grandson, Levi Graham Lindsay, age 5, is the name inspiration for this daylily.  His Mom, our daughter, Jenni, has always called him 'Graham Chop' (rhymes with 'Lamb Chop') as a pet name.  He chose this flower as his when he was 3 yrs. old  and would go stand beside it when he found it in bloom and loudly proclaim, 'this is Levi's flower'

(Hassler 2015)
((Cimarron Rose x Wild Irish) x ((Red Volunteer x Free Wheelin) x Hidden Manna)
tet, sev, em,fragrant, fertile both ways, 38" 6", 4-5 branches, 26 buds, rebloom.
Rosy red self with lighter watermark.

((Magic Lake x Victorian Lace) x Ruffled Strawberry Parfait)
(Hassler 2015)
tet, La,Dor, 26" 5.50"
Icy pale pink with darker pink edges, pod fertile, delicate appearance with tough substance.

Our youngest granddaughter, Lily Grace, helped with the name of this flower....she said it looked like a 'sweet treat'.