Friday, October 16, 2009


Our area has had an abundance of rain this growing season.....with a proliferation of all kinds of vegatation....we've seen new varieties of weeds. While weeding a daylily bed, between rain showers recently, I found this mushroom....quite large and meaty looking with an interesting green underside. I grabbed the camera and went walking down our path around the lake and discovered some others I'd never noticed before.

This one appeared to have brown 'feathers'.

This one had a shiny texture with an interesting silvery purple color.

This one looked like a sea sponge.

This red one was about 2 inches across, but many identical tiny ones were growing nearby....some only about the size of a pencil eraser.

This was my favorite....loved it's shape and the little 'babies' beside it.

I went back to check on this one next day and.....
SURPRISE! Look at the transformation...overnight! The large one seemed to be sheltering the little ones from the rain.
Every season has it's own beauty....enjoy every day!