Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 Daylily Registrations

(Hassler 2015)
(Volcanic Eruption x Curious George)
tet, sev, emo, m, 3 branches, 12 buds, 40" 10"
Bright orange with lighter eyezone and slightly ruffled matching edge. 
The Hayden to whom this 'Hundley' belongs is Alexander Hayden Campbell, our #4 grandson.  He loved Curious George as a wee fella, so I bought the plant 'Curious George' (Peat) for him.  He and I did a cross with it and he wanted to name an offspring 'Hundley' after Curious George's dog friend.

(Hassler 2015)
(Mister Lucky x Cherokee Pass)
tet, sev, em, 36" 4.75", 3-4 branches, 16 buds, pod fertile. Reblooms.
Light bright orange with red-orange band and matching distinctive veining, which becomes more pronounced as the day progresses.

Our #5 grandson, Levi Graham Lindsay, age 5, is the name inspiration for this daylily.  His Mom, our daughter, Jenni, has always called him 'Graham Chop' (rhymes with 'Lamb Chop') as a pet name.  He chose this flower as his when he was 3 yrs. old  and would go stand beside it when he found it in bloom and loudly proclaim, 'this is Levi's flower'

(Hassler 2015)
((Cimarron Rose x Wild Irish) x ((Red Volunteer x Free Wheelin) x Hidden Manna)
tet, sev, em,fragrant, fertile both ways, 38" 6", 4-5 branches, 26 buds, rebloom.
Rosy red self with lighter watermark.

((Magic Lake x Victorian Lace) x Ruffled Strawberry Parfait)
(Hassler 2015)
tet, La,Dor, 26" 5.50"
Icy pale pink with darker pink edges, pod fertile, delicate appearance with tough substance.

Our youngest granddaughter, Lily Grace, helped with the name of this flower....she said it looked like a 'sweet treat'.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014  Lilies of the Field Registrations

Hassler 2014
((Symphony of Praise x Grace From Above) x ((Rainbow Eyes x Clothed in Glory) x Edge of Your Seat))

Tet, sev,em,7.50", 37" Polychrome blend of peach, blush pink, and yellow, with bright green throat, loose, loopy ruffled edged.  Light fragrance, EMO, superb substance, good pollen fertility, difficult pod fertility.

Hassler 2014
(Joy Dawns Bright x (Spice Hunter x Igor))

Tet, sev, em, 8", 28" Extra large cream yellow bloom with grape purple patterned eyezone above a large appliqued throat with a green center, EMO, great substance and color fastness, good fertility both pod and pollen.


(Lemon Berry Frost x Clarification)
Tet. sev, EM, 5.75" 27", 3-4 branches, 14-16 buds. Pale yellow with bright purple patterned eyezone with narrow matching pictoee edge. EMO, CMO, good pod and pollen fertility. 
 This daylily was named for celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the founding of Middle Tennessee Daylily Society.  It was introduced to members at the celebration held in Nashville and is now being grown by several members of that group.  We are so honored to have our flower in their gardens.

Hassler 2014
(She Laughed x (Spice Hunter x Igor))

Tet, sev, EM, 9.50", 32", Bright yellow with rust red feathered eyezone, lighter midribs, small wire pictoee edge on petals, above a small green throat, EMO, CMO, good fertility, pods take effort, color fastness and good substance.

Hassler 2014
(Until Shiloh Comes x Loudest Praise)

Tet, Sev, Noc,EM, 6.25", 28" Clear yellow with bold red eyezone, matching narrow, ruffled edge on petals, EMO, CMO, blooms extend until nightfall, great substance and color fastness, excellent pod and pollen fertility.

Monday, May 19, 2014

'The winter is past'

'the time of the singing of birds'

"For behold, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone.
The flowers have already appeared in the land;
The time has arrived for pruning the vines, 
And the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land."

Song of Songs 2: 11-12

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Selected Seedlings for 2013

(Joy Dawns Bright x (Raspberry Sickle x Dragonfly Dreams)
7.50" 31"

 (She Laughed x (Spice Hunter x Igor))
9.50" 32"

(Widow's Walk x Linda Beck)
5.50" 37"
color fast and rain tolerant

((Wild Irish x Cimmaron Rose) x ((Red Volunteer x Free Wheelin) x Hidden Manna)
6" 38" instant rebloom, fragrant, good branching

(Joy Dawns Bright x (Spice Hunter x Igor))
8" 28"

 ((Until Shiloh Comes x Loudest Praise) x (Julie Newmar x Lemon Berry Frost))

 ((Linda Hassler x sdlg 03306) x Lily Gracious)

((Bold Encounter x Jelly Maker) x (Julie Newmar x Dylan Dye))

(Volunteer Crimson x SL11-300)

(Tropical Pleasure x Scintillating Suzette)

(Loudest Praise x (Spice Hunter x Igor))

(She Laughed x (Spice Hunter x Igor)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New registrations for 2013

Five daylilies selected for registration for year 2013.....names are pending approval of  AHS Registrar.  *Just got official email....names are all approved and plants are registered! 1-10-13


((Spice Hunter x Igor) x Joy Dawns Bright)

This daylily is named to honor our oldest granddaughter... Anna Brooke Christopher.  From the time she was quite tiny, we have rhymed her name with 'banana'.  The sunny colors of this bloom remind me of her sunny disposition.

Polymerous bloom - often takes this form.

(Berry Patch x Soul on Fire)

This daylily is named to honor our youngest granddaughter....Lillian Grace Lindsay....who always, when younger, referred to herself as 'Lily Gracious'....the name and the flower definitely match this precious girl!





( (Don's Eyes x Echoes of Mercy) x Dylan Dye)

The name for this flower was suggested by our daughter, Jenni. 'Not too shabby' is always her 'go to' phrase for anything she finds acceptable!

(White Unto Harvest x J T Davis)


This flower has so much clarity and also sturdy texture and substance.....'White Stone' seems appropriate.  Revelations 2:17.....a white stone is part of the promise of reward for those faithful overcomers.

(Grace From Above x Cherokee Pass)


This flower is such a bright and reliable early morning/cold morning opener....the sight of it causes me to give praise every day it blooms!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A few favorite seedling selections for 2012

  ((Symphony of Praise x Grace From Above) x ((Rainbow Eyes x Clothed in Glory) x Edge of Your Seat) seedling #SL12-128

Although this seedling has two very strong eyed cultivars  (Rainbow Eyes and Edge of Your Seat) in its parentage...there is no hint of eye in it.
2012 is maiden bloom season...every bloom was consistent, with the exception of blooms getting a bit smaller as the season progressed....likely from increasing drought conditions.

8" 37" emo

((Westbourne Wild Rose Petals x J T Davis) x Fear Not) X (Berry Patch x Soul on Fire)) seedling #SL12-124
A real surprise....given all the rose color in its parentage.
6", 26" emo  very consistent blooms 


((Clouds of Glory x Leslie Renee) X (Sister of Praise x Wonder of it All)

 ((Clouds of Glory x Leslie Renee) x (Sister of Praise x Wonder of it All) sibling to flower above.

Both these hold up well...great substance...these photos were taken right before dusk ....following a hot afternoon.

(Cimarron Rose x Wild Irish) x Troubled Sleep)

(Cimarron Rose x Wild Irish) is a Mary Gaskins seedling....I purchased all of it from her in 2010.....it is a great garden plant and a wonderful parent also.


 She Laughed x (Spice Hunter x Igor)
She Laughed (Hassler 2012) is from Hudson Valley x Freewheelin'

Until Shiloh Comes x Loudest Praise
Until Shiloh Comes (Hassler 2012) is from Lemon Berry Frost x Clarification
 Loudest Praise (name pending approval) is from (Grace From Above x Cherokee Pass)

This double is from a cross of 2 of my double seedlings - parentage: ((Alternate Universe x Outrageous Fortune) x (Clovette Adams x Regal Puzzle))
Blooms were all very consistent....love the saturated self coloring.

Parentage is: (President Ronald Reagan x Wonder of it All)
This flower is a bud builder!  This bloom is one from the buds 'built' on top of the scape.  Loving the color and form.

(Loudest Praise x Volunteer Crimson)
(names pending registration)
I used this one with several other promising seedlings...have some great looking seeds to plant for next season.

                                        (Karen Stephens x Linda Hassler)


((Deliberate Pace x Sister of Praise) x (Berry Patch x Shores of Time))

(Troubled Sleep x Desire of Nations)
so dark it's very hard to photograph - tall with very consistent blooms

((Quiet Storm x Bali Watercolor) x Hidden Manna)
Hidden Manna (Hassler 2012)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

'Magic of OZ' babies


Dr. Heather Herrington, daughter of Tim and the late Katiesue Herrington of Dublin, GA, registered this beautiful daylily in 1995.  Here are its stats:
height 37", bloom 7", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Spider Ratio 4.00:1,  Yellow pink blend with rose pink eyezone above intense green throat. (Green Widow × (sdlg × (Wind Frills × Rainbow Spangles)))

I have enjoyed seeing Magic of Oz blooming in our garden for several years and have cross pollinated it with several other daylily cultivars....with some very pleasing results!

The following photos show some of my Magic of Oz babies:

 (Fancy Face x Magic of Oz) 2012 maiden bloom - very large bloom

Magic of Oz x Unknown

Magic of Oz x Unknown

Magic of Oz x unknown ....possibly Cat Dancer

Magic of Oz x Unknown....love the green!

Magic of Oz  x  unknown....possibly my favorite!

(Magic of Oz x Malachite Prism)

2012  maiden bloom year

blooms approx. 3.25-3.50" 37" tall, very erect, graceful scapes
POD fertile...hope this one will contribute to my goal of bright small/mini spider/uf forms. Maiden bloom June 4, 2012, emo, cmo

Close up view of above....out of focus, but, the color and form show up.

(Magic of Oz x Skinwalker #1)
This is a great plant and hopefully, next year I will see offspring from it and crosses with Jen Melon and Gossard's Heavenly White Lightening.....5 month old seedlings are very sturdy in our garden.

same as above....showing more recurve.

Sibling to seedling above....love the rose coloring!

Magic of Oz x unknown

Magic of Oz x Skinwalker #1...this season...just better and better.
Magic of Oz x Skinwalker#2 2012 season