Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday....to me! A new water feature for the garden!

Will....the 'man with the plan'.....

 Sam and I have talked about and planned a water feature for our garden for years ...but, it seemed such a BIG project....we would say 'next year'.
Along comes our son-in-law...Will...the man with the plan....he is gifted in seeing the big picture and getting it accomplished.

He and our daughter, Kara, planned to install a water feature as a surprise birthday gift for me.  They showed up at our house on Wednesday before Thanksgiving with all the components for the project....except for the rocks...which they 'gleaned' from our property.
One of the major obstacles was removed when they asked if the wooden swing could be moved back under the trees ...yes, it seemed so simple...moving that swing a few feet back gave just the space and great placement for the pool and waterfall.
They started early on Friday and quickly gathered rocks and shoveled out the hole ....with the help of assorted grandchildren.

By sunset, the whole project was completed and looked as if it had been there for a long time.  Can't wait to plant some 'greenery' around it in the spring.  Turns out....I like surprises....maybe I'll start having 2 birthdays per year....

 Ethan and Luke....two tired workmen....taking a little break...they helped to gather the rocks from the woods and by the lake...and sort them into piles according to size....both hard workers!

 Anna, taking a break from all the hard work....she helped with the rocks and enjoyed helping move the dirt....really loved running her hands through the loose dirt in the wheelbarrow!

 Hayden, practicing digging holes, with the shovel his size.....he likes to dig holes....everywhere!

 One of Hayden's contributions was to entertain the kitty, Treasure, who felt the whole thing (in fact..he thinks EVERYTHING is about him) was just being done for him!  Hayden kept him out of the way of rocks and tools.

 Christopher ....posing with the water running...just as the sun was setting....

Will and Kara posing with the finished project....it is going to be so lovely in the spring with some plants around the top.