Monday, May 31, 2010

Lilies of the Field ....... our first 2 registrations.

My first daylily registration.


Linda Hassler 2009

Diploid, dormant, M, Re, Frag, 28" tall scapes with 5" blooms, fragrant.

Parentage: (Charlie Pierce Memorial x Lavender Blue Baby)

Light cream with violet eye and matching edge.

Named for my parental grandmother
Chloe Jerusha Violet Fitzgerald.

My husband, Sam's, first registration......we look forward to some special offspring from Blue Side of Purple blooming in a few weeks.


Sam Hassler 2009

Tetraploid, semi-evergreen, EM, 30" tall with 5.5" bloom.

Parentage: (Beside Still Waters x Lavender Fantasia)

Lavender blue with violet blue band and violet blue and white double edge above green throat.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am a daylily........

Guess there's always been a connection or perhaps a conflict between 'being' and 'doing'. I think of hearing the expression 'you are what you eat'....(in which case I'll soon be a lovely blend of mango, avocado, and garlic) ....and Holy Scripture says 'as a man (or woman) reasons in his heart, so he is'.

Well, I've been passionate about enjoying, growing, collecting, and hybridizing daylilies for a long time now....since around 1990. So I've, perhaps, come to a logical end.....I have 'become' a daylily! Truly....this year our friend, Don Morris, an up and coming hybridizer has given me the wonderful honor ....and one of the highlights of this year indeed, by naming one of his beautiful newly registered daylilies for me....Linda Hassler.

The photo is of the seedling, that is now H.Linda Hassler, on the day I first saw it blooming in Don's greenhouse at his garden. I fell in love with the great clear color....rosy of my favorites, it's great plant habit ....tall, sturdy scapes, dormant foliage, and vigorous increase. To see more photos, including some taken outside, see Don's site at Click on '2010 introductions' to see 'Linda Hassler' and Don's other beauties!