Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A few favorite seedling selections for 2012

  ((Symphony of Praise x Grace From Above) x ((Rainbow Eyes x Clothed in Glory) x Edge of Your Seat) seedling #SL12-128

Although this seedling has two very strong eyed cultivars  (Rainbow Eyes and Edge of Your Seat) in its parentage...there is no hint of eye in it.
2012 is maiden bloom season...every bloom was consistent, with the exception of blooms getting a bit smaller as the season progressed....likely from increasing drought conditions.

8" 37" emo

((Westbourne Wild Rose Petals x J T Davis) x Fear Not) X (Berry Patch x Soul on Fire)) seedling #SL12-124
A real surprise....given all the rose color in its parentage.
6", 26" emo  very consistent blooms 


((Clouds of Glory x Leslie Renee) X (Sister of Praise x Wonder of it All)

 ((Clouds of Glory x Leslie Renee) x (Sister of Praise x Wonder of it All) sibling to flower above.

Both these hold up well...great substance...these photos were taken right before dusk ....following a hot afternoon.

(Cimarron Rose x Wild Irish) x Troubled Sleep)

(Cimarron Rose x Wild Irish) is a Mary Gaskins seedling....I purchased all of it from her in is a great garden plant and a wonderful parent also.


 She Laughed x (Spice Hunter x Igor)
She Laughed (Hassler 2012) is from Hudson Valley x Freewheelin'

Until Shiloh Comes x Loudest Praise
Until Shiloh Comes (Hassler 2012) is from Lemon Berry Frost x Clarification
 Loudest Praise (name pending approval) is from (Grace From Above x Cherokee Pass)

This double is from a cross of 2 of my double seedlings - parentage: ((Alternate Universe x Outrageous Fortune) x (Clovette Adams x Regal Puzzle))
Blooms were all very the saturated self coloring.

Parentage is: (President Ronald Reagan x Wonder of it All)
This flower is a bud builder!  This bloom is one from the buds 'built' on top of the scape.  Loving the color and form.

(Loudest Praise x Volunteer Crimson)
(names pending registration)
I used this one with several other promising seedlings...have some great looking seeds to plant for next season.

                                        (Karen Stephens x Linda Hassler)


((Deliberate Pace x Sister of Praise) x (Berry Patch x Shores of Time))

(Troubled Sleep x Desire of Nations)
so dark it's very hard to photograph - tall with very consistent blooms

((Quiet Storm x Bali Watercolor) x Hidden Manna)
Hidden Manna (Hassler 2012)

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