Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New registrations for 2013

Five daylilies selected for registration for year 2013.....names are pending approval of  AHS Registrar.  *Just got official email....names are all approved and plants are registered! 1-10-13


((Spice Hunter x Igor) x Joy Dawns Bright)

This daylily is named to honor our oldest granddaughter... Anna Brooke Christopher.  From the time she was quite tiny, we have rhymed her name with 'banana'.  The sunny colors of this bloom remind me of her sunny disposition.

Polymerous bloom - often takes this form.

(Berry Patch x Soul on Fire)

This daylily is named to honor our youngest granddaughter....Lillian Grace Lindsay....who always, when younger, referred to herself as 'Lily Gracious'....the name and the flower definitely match this precious girl!





( (Don's Eyes x Echoes of Mercy) x Dylan Dye)

The name for this flower was suggested by our daughter, Jenni. 'Not too shabby' is always her 'go to' phrase for anything she finds acceptable!

(White Unto Harvest x J T Davis)


This flower has so much clarity and also sturdy texture and substance.....'White Stone' seems appropriate.  Revelations 2:17.....a white stone is part of the promise of reward for those faithful overcomers.

(Grace From Above x Cherokee Pass)


This flower is such a bright and reliable early morning/cold morning opener....the sight of it causes me to give praise every day it blooms!