Thursday, June 25, 2009

BLOOM SEASON ....the most wonderful season of all!

Hudson Valley x Freewheelin
For the last few weeks I've been too busy gardening to blog about the experience! Now the blooms have arrived! Like an overly proud grandparent, I want to share my daylily 'babies' with anyone who shows the faintest hint of interest. There's just too much beauty and joy to keep to one's self. The photo above is one of the seedlings that bloomed it's 'maiden' bloom yesterday. I've created a new Picasa album for showcasing this year's crop. Check out the photo link at the top right titled '2009 Seedlings - Lilies of the Field' for more recent 'additions'. We love garden visitors.....sharing lightens our 'sensory overload'! If you are near enough.....come on over....if not, check the photo link for a 'virtual tour'.