Sunday, July 7, 2013

Selected Seedlings for 2013

(Joy Dawns Bright x (Raspberry Sickle x Dragonfly Dreams)
7.50" 31"

 (She Laughed x (Spice Hunter x Igor))
9.50" 32"

(Widow's Walk x Linda Beck)
5.50" 37"
color fast and rain tolerant

((Wild Irish x Cimmaron Rose) x ((Red Volunteer x Free Wheelin) x Hidden Manna)
6" 38" instant rebloom, fragrant, good branching

(Joy Dawns Bright x (Spice Hunter x Igor))
8" 28"

 ((Until Shiloh Comes x Loudest Praise) x (Julie Newmar x Lemon Berry Frost))

 ((Linda Hassler x sdlg 03306) x Lily Gracious)

((Bold Encounter x Jelly Maker) x (Julie Newmar x Dylan Dye))

(Volunteer Crimson x SL11-300)

(Tropical Pleasure x Scintillating Suzette)

(Loudest Praise x (Spice Hunter x Igor))

(She Laughed x (Spice Hunter x Igor)

1 comment:

Karen Newman said...

I loved seeing what you have done with your introductions...taking them to a new generation. Lovely!